… And just like that, it was March!

2020 it feels like you only just got here.

ADS Industry classes are off to a flying start with “The Heath” program being the latest class to begin.
Congratulations to teacher Stephanie Clark and the wonderful students who attended their first class on Wednesday, we can already see some flourishing and hard working talent walking through our doors already.

Congratulations also to Amy Bryans, teacher of “The Sofia” program, Johnathon (Johno) White, teacher of “The Baz” program, and all students involved who are “Absolutely Acing” their classes only halfway through the first term!

BUT WAIT! Don’t think that because these classes have started, there is no more room. NEW FACES ARE STILL WELCOME! Enrol now to join in on all the fun. Whether your interest lies in stage or screen, there is a program here just right for you!


Industry classes still to come, “The Margot” and “The Cate”, both taught by Industry Guru and founder of the ADS Program in its entirety, Suzanne Barr, begin as on MONDAY 16TH MARCH! Just over a week away!!!

Suzanne has been a Teacher, Educational leader, Actor, Director, Casting Director, Private Coach, Business Owner and Agent all within a span of Under 30 years. The owner of the ADS Legacy we know today! You don’t get much bigger than that! A firm believer in the fact that there’s room for everyone in ‘the biz’, Suzanne is passionate about helping discover and nurture what makes YOU unique!

Join her today! From Beginners to Experienced actors, all are welcome to join Suzanne, Amy, Steph or Johno in their wonderful classes. Get in touch with us today to find out more and be apart of the fun! We cant wait to see you pursue your dreams of becoming an Actor.

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