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ADS Industry is excited to announce their 2022 Adult Courses. Whether you are looking for a weekly class or skill-based intensive, we’ve got your bases covered!

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Becoming an Actor with Stephanie Clark (Beginner)

Inspired by Margot Robbie. Act in Television & Films without ever having stepped on a stage.

If you have ever dreamt about acting in Films and TV but have little to no experience, then this class is for you. ‘The Margot’ is for anyone who would like to start learning the skills of becoming an actor with an end goal of winning roles on Television and in Film. During this program you will be supported in an encouraging and safe learning environment that will enable a fast tracking of skills, without feeling uncomfortable or out of your depth. Your confidence as an actor will develop over the course, starting with a step-by-step approach to skill building and ultimately working towards auditioning for screen work. This course is also suitable as a pre-requisite to The Heath, an in-person Intermediate Screen Acting class.


PART A: Develop your confidence in acting for screen

Dates: 21st February – 13th June (14 weeks)

Fee: $465 + GST 


  • Start with the basics and fast track your skills and confidence in acting
  • Build your performance capabilities – improvisation, devised scenes and script work
  • Scene Study – Developing screen performances from text
  • Film 2 x audition pieces, including a chat to camera and improvisation

PART B: Stepping into the Film & TV Industry

Dates: 11th July – 24th October (14 weeks)

Fee: $465 + GST 


  • Be exposed to a range of audition techniques, enabling you to be ‘audition ready’
  • Develop understandings of working in the film and TV industry, including correct terminologies and protocols.
  • Create two high quality filmed scenes that showcase your talent, to be used for your Vimeo Library and/or Showreel (one monologue, one duologue)


    MONDAY 8PM – 9.30PM 

     40 – 42 Beetham Parade, Rosanna 




    Acting for Screen (Intermediate to Advanced) 

    This class is Inspired by Heath Ledger, for his compelling characters and intense screen performances.

    Actors will find themselves challenged by intense individual coaching and feedback to pursue compelling on-screen performances. Students will explore modern methods of performance and understand how these can impact and develop the actors unique qualities for creating engaging screen performances. Students will also practice and perfect a range of audition techniques and be guided in developing marketing materials in order to secure an agent and work in the Film and TV Industry.

    Part A:  Screen Acting techniques for Film

    Starting Date: Wednesday 9th March, 2022 

    Fee: $645 + GST


    • Learn how to translate Subtext and Analysis into Action
    • Develop and utilise Body Language for the Screen
    • Explore Practical aesthetics and apply these to Screen Performances.
    • Develop valuable skills to impress & captivate in a large group scene 
    • Exploring acting styles for different film genres
    • Produce 2 x high quality scenes for your Vimeo Library and/or Showreel (1 x monologue, 1 group scene)


    Part B : Audition Techniques and Industry Prep 

    Dates: 13th July – 2nd November (15 weeks)

    Fee: $645 + GST


    • Learning how to Master the Audition Room (Cold Reads, Scene Work & Improv) 
    • Receive specific & detailed coaching to take your performance to the next level. 
    • Understand how you can make yourself stand out and win the role over your competition
    • Prepare your marketing tools for launching your acting career i.e. CV, Headshot and Showreel
    • Develop an understanding of marketing yourself as an actor and securing an agent
    • Produce 2 x high quality scenes for your Vimeo Library and/or Showreel (2 x duologues)


      WEDNESDAY 8PM – 10PM

      ADS HQ: 40 – 42 Beetham Parade, Rosanna, VIC, 3084  





      THE CATE 

      Stage to Screen with Suzanne Barr (Advanced)

      Inspired by Cate Blanchett for her strong background in stage which has lead her to be one of the most successful movie actors of all time.

      This course caters to talent wishing to transition their stage acting abilities to the screen. It is ideal for students who have a strong background in acting for stage or musical theatre either through previous training or working on the stage, who would like to develop their confidence in acting for screen. You will be challenged through intense individual coaching and feedback to pursue compelling on-screen performances.

      Part A:  Screen Acting techniques for TVC and TV Series

      Starting date: Tuesday 8th March, 2022 

      Fee: $645 + GST


      • Understand the subtle differences between acting for stage and screen
      • Use what you know about stage acting and seamlessly translate your stage performances to the screen
      • Master the technicalities of acting for screen – improvisation and TV script work
      • Master the art of audition techniques for TVC and TV Series castings
      • Learn the art of self-taping for TV series to increase your chances of winning roles
      • Practice a range of screen acting styles for Commercials & TV Series
      • Produce 2 x high quality TV scenes for your Vimeo Library and/or Showreel (one TVC or presenter role and one television script)


      Part B – Screen Acting techniques for Film

      Dates: 12th July – 8th November (15 weeks)

      Fee: $645 + GST


      • Practice screen acting techniques for a range of film genres
      • Strengthen connections to text and character through in-depth Script Analysis.
      • Break down your barriers – explore Intimacy and Vulnerability for the Camera.
      • Learn the art of self taping for film to increase your chances of winning roles
      • Master the art of audition techniques for film castings
      • Understand how you can make yourself stand out and win the role over your competition
      • Produce 2 x high quality TV scenes for your Vimeo Library and/or Showreel (2 x film scenes)


      TUESDAYS 7.30PM – 9.30PM

      ADS HQ: 40 – 42 Beetham Parade, Rosanna, VIC, 3084 





      THE BAZ

      Acting for Screen & Film Production with Johnathon White (Advanced)

      Inspired by the extraordinary career of Australia’s own Baz Luhrmann, Actor turned Director. 

      In this advanced class, actors are treated to the full film production experience along with professional training and acting skills development work during the process. The major component of this class is the end of year film production, a feature length film featuring a strong ensemble of actors who spend the year creating and collaborating on putting this project together. Previous projects at Action Drama Studio include “Are We Though?”, “Jackie Byrne” and most recently “Blackwood”. This process includes story development, script writing, screen auditioning, character development, production planning, script breakdowns, script rehearsals and finally on set-film production. This class is for students with prior acting experience who are looking to gain on set skills and experience.

      Part A: Acting, Script and Pre Production

      Dates: 3rd February – 23rd June (19 Weeks)

      Fee: $805 + GST


      • Screen tests & Audition practice and coaching.
      • Acting for screen technique
      • Character and script development
      • Developing knowledge on technical elements of Acting for Screen


      Part B: Filming and Post Production

      Dates: Filming 14th July – 15th September (10 weeks)

      Fee: $458 + GST


      • Development of production skills and on set protocols
      • On-set film experience
      • A Full Feature Length Film Production
      • Film Screening in a cinema


        THURSDAY 6PM – 8PM 

        The Pines Learning Centre

        1/520 Blackburn Rd, Doncaster East VIC




        Acting for Stage with Amy Bryans (Advanced)

        Inspired by Anaïs Mitchell. The already legendary playwright who built Hadestown from amateur workshop all the way to Broadway.

        So many amazing film careers started on the stage and are maintained on the stage. In a world where there are a million ways to create performance content, traditional stage acting is the original and best way to hone your acting craft. This class focuses on that principal. An exploration of different theatre genres, iconic playwrights and ground breaking scripts, culminating in a professional production at the end of the year. This class has previously performed Blackrock – Nick Enright (2019), Cosi – Louis Nowra (2018) & Rumors – Neil Simon (2018) and Puffs (2021). This class is currently rehearsing for their delayed 2021 production. 

        Part A: Introduction to Theatre Making and Ensemble

        Dates: Thurs 3rd February – 23rd June

        Fee: $775 + GST


        • Skill building: Voice and Movement
        • Introduction to experimental theatre styles
        • Understanding research & creative process methodologies
        • Challenging the boundaries of Improvisation
        • A public devised performance


        Part B: Professional Production Development

        Dates: Thurs 14th July – 8th December 

        Fee: $850 + GST


        • Master in depth script and character analysis 
        • Skill building: Stage blocking, character voice & performance dynamics
        • Develop Stage Craft knowledge
        • End of year, professional production

          THE FINE PRINT

          THURSDAY 8PM – 10PM

          SUITABLE FOR AGES 18+

          The Pines Learning Centre

          1/520 Blackburn Rd, Doncaster East VIC

          CLASS OUTCOME: Full stage play to be performed for the public




          All ADS Industry courses are strictly catered to Adults. Students must be 18+ by February 1st, 2022.

          All courses are run subject to minimum enrolment numbers being met. Should a course you have enrolled in not run, we will endeavour to find you a suitable alternative. 

          Admission into any Intermediate or Advanced course may require previous experience or equivalent study. If you are unsure of whether a course will be suitable for your needs, please contact us at

          All fees are non negotiable & non refundable in all circumstances. 

          Some venues may change throughout the year subject to availability. Should a venue change occur, we will endeavour to provide students with as much notice as possible. 

          At ADS Industry we strive to create an inclusive & diverse learning space that reflects the communities we serve. As such, we welcome performers from all walks of life and champion them to be their authentic selves. 


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